About password

We recommend you to use password management software. Despite the fact that there is critisism about security of these systems, we believe, that these are in any case better than traditional notes on your desk or trying to remember all.

We use LastPass, so if you have any problems to get started, we can help in questions related to LastPass. Our site is optimized for Lastpass so, that passwords are accepted when you make these in Lastpass. Clicking banner below, you can find more:

Basic information of passwords:

- Password is changeable
- During first login you are required to change password
- When you receive password reset ticket by email it is valid one day
- Dictionary words are not accepted as password

Minimum requirements:
Alpha Numeric 1
Length 20
Lower Case 1
Numbers 1
Symbols 1
Upper Case 1
System remember your previous passwords, so you can't reuse old passwords.

Password expires after 2 months, you get warning of expiration 3 days before that and you can still log in after expiration but only three times.

We are going soon to multi factor authentication, then these limits can  be changed.

If you fail to give correct password, you are locked out after three failures, but you can log in again after administrator unlock your account, you need to ask it by email admin@barcato.co.uk

So it is easier to have tool taking care of this ! With LastPass you can take care of this by one click.