Technical Support (Tech Support)

You will be tasked with monitoring and maintaining an organisation’s computer systems and networks. You will be responsible for diagnosing any hardware or software faults with these systems and will solve the issues either in person or over the phone.

Technical Support Jobs include:

- Maintenance
- Help Desk Operations
- Applications Support

You are going to work in two ways, providing assistance and support to the company itself and to outside customers from a help desk or over the phone in a call center.

What Are Your Main Responsibilities?

You will be right at the heart of matters as you need to deal directly with employees and customers who have technical problems such as trouble with their email accounts, forgotten passwords or viruses.

You'll be responsible for the smooth running of computer systems and ensuring that users get maximum benefits from them.

Your  Skills

You are good listener and problem-solver who can diagnose and fix computer problems based on very little information. You display the following essential skills:

Customer service

– technical support representatives use customer service skills to put customers at ease and help them solve their technical problems

Communication skills

– technical support representatives need excellent listening and verbal communication skills to understand customer complaints and clearly relay solutions to technical problems
Computer skills

– excellent computer skills are essential for technical support representatives, who must help others fix technical computer issues of all types.

Data entry

– some data entry skills are a must-have for technical support representatives, who input information into support logs for each and every call they take

Time management

– technical support representatives use time management skills to prioritize customer calls and quickly address all customer tech problems

Problem-solving skills

– tech support representatives use their problem-solving skills to diagnose computer problems and fix them accordingly

​​​​​​​What You do ?

- Update company web sites and systems
​​​​​​​- Improve existing programs and systems
​​​​​​​- Run reports on systems and hardware status
​​​​​​​- Replace malfunctioning or damaged hardware
​​​​​​​- Log technical issues
​​​​​​​- Advise on upgrades or more appropriate software packages, licenses and staying abreast of current developments in technology.

Answer Phones

Technical support representatives answer incoming phone calls and provide support to callers experiencing computer problems of all kinds.They listen to descriptions of customer issues and determine how and if they can be fixed.


Technical support representatives use information from customers to diagnose tech issues and walk customers through the steps needed to fix various problems.
Submit Service Requests

If customer tech problems cannot be handled over the phone, technical support representatives schedule a repair crew to fix problems on-site.

Maintain Database

Technical support representatives check for customer problems and fixes in the solutions database, and add new information to the database when and if new problems and fixes arise.

Log Calls

Technical support representatives keep logs of all calls answered and addressed, including dates and times.

Respond to Help Requests

Technical support representatives respond to emails and online chat requests for technical support.

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