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Barcato Representative

Barcato has representatives who work in a variety of roles. The most common roles are salesperson, regional representative, service support person, and designer, helping you for example in a web solution design or house building plan. Here is short introductions of main roles In Barcato.

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If you need machinery, spare parts, building materials, web solutions or any other business services, then seller can help you. He/She makes possible that you find your product or service, if our e-shop wasn't for you.

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Marketing Assistant

If you don't find us, then our marketing assitant find's you ! Marketing assistant find's clients, local information and makes possible sales and after sales services.  She/he is key person in local activities

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Housing Designer

Are you planning to build or buy a new home? With the right, relevant information about materials and building systems, you can more easily succeed and avoid costly experimentation costs.

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Technical Support

Technical support person makes it easier for yo to  use new technologies and to find out how you can benefit out of  current technologies in your own daily business communications and knowledge management.

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Area Manager

The primary responsibility of an area manager is to be accountable for yhe overall responsibility and success of all of the representatives/assistants that fall under her/his remit and lays  out the operational policies on area.

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Country Manager

A Country Manager works to represent Barcato in a foreign country. A Country Manager job involves working to manage operations, develop business and increase profitability for Barcato in a specific region or country.