Machines is a fairly broad expression, so it’s a good bit to clarify. This link tells you what we mean by machines.

​​​​​​​Most of Barcato's customers are SME companies or private entrepreneurs, contractors. Here is link to information,  that what we mean by SME company.

Machinery Trade
Our company Barcato Ltd is selling spare parts, some equipments and services for machinery
end users, machinery companies trough its network of affiliates, representatives and our
special "barcato deal partners"!

Barcato operates a service center, which serves customers in all the spare parts and machine-related matters. We have discovered that, the "machinery men" working with the heavy, yellow iron, are not all interested to manage their orders online.

​​​​​​​We still keep our service running with a traditional phone service, plus, of course, web and mobile service. The service center is for all of these needs, so the customer receives the assistance, which is needed.

Web services development is a big part of Barcato services, we are whole the time seeking more professionals to our network, to develop this platform to meet the challenges of the future. Of course we need programmers, webmasters and sys admins, but also machine men by comprehensive experience, who know exactly what is going on around machinery. These machinery services are not the easiest services to transfer to internet, many challenges remain to be resolved.

Web service for job seekers is opening soon, but now you can already contact us by contact form. Same way machinery expert or engineer, please contact us, we are ready to discuss how we can work with you to build a business in your region.

Barcato Ltd is rather consortium of entrepreneurs than employer of big staff, characterized by partnerships, networks and representatives.

Network of representatives is dealing with customers and enable response to our customers needs and expectations. On the other hand Barcato deals directly with the various suppliers, forwarding customers expectations of machines and parts  to them. This will promote discussion on industry without too many middlemen


Non Traditional Dealership 

Because of nature of our business, we are not sure if we are the best dealer, if question is about traditional dealership. We provide services for machinery business field, for our representatives and distributors and for some machinery companies, but we act very "non-traditional" way.

Our representatives and distributors are taking care of customer interface. We have head office, where we run our server farm and web services. Our representatives and distributors are connected to us over internet, they are using databases, which are on our servers, so we have quite good touch to all they are doing. But we are not normal outlet of machines. 

Representative/Distributor based sale network 

In case you could consider new type of distribution, then we are stronger partner candidate for you. We can offer sales through of our network, where our head office manages purchases and representatives/distributors are selling.  

In this our business model, we have direct connection to customers, no any other mediators than our representative or distributor. All data is in our databases, which are our most valuable assets, we don't love big buildings or nice walls, we concentrate  to action with representatives and distributors, action on the marketplace, just knocking doors of customers. 

We are ready to discuss more with you