​​​​​​​Housing Designer

This is not just a question of a house but of a housing ensemble.

In fact, this work is divided into many subgroups, architectural, interior design, materials, healthy living and now also the effects of climate change.

​​​​​​​We at Barcato, speak about Housing Designer as general name for designers, because we  care about  people's  life  standards and wellbeing.

You understand:

Past and present styles of architecture, design and decorating interior materials such as paint, fabrics and glass
building regulations how to analyse a client's requirements and create a design to fit design, drawing and presentation skills.

You have:

Interpersonal and problem-solving skills; attention to detail, artistic ability, imagination, vision, creativity,
an eye for design, including colour and good 3D awareness, the ability to visualise concepts and explain them to others.
Good drawing and IT skills:

As for example:

​​​​​​​Autodesk Revit

You manage as well:

Drafting, Documentation, Team Work, Communication Skills, Thoroughness, Self Motivation, Planning.

Housing designers help plan the look of a house or building to ensure that it meets a certain asthetic while remaining functionable.

You'll need a keen mind for design, strong communication skills and the ability to solve problems in order to be a good Housing Designer. There are no formal education requirements, but training in drafting and other.

You visit sometimes on the site too, office is not your only place for work.

Housing designers, also known as home designers, are professionals who specialize in single-family and small, multiple-family home designs.

Unlike architects or professional engineers, housing designers are not typically required to pass state board exams or obtain special licensing to operate.

Prospective building designers may want to research their state's laws and requirements for building designers.

Housing designers meet with their client to examine the space and understand the client's preferences and budget constraints. For example, an housing designer remodeling a bathroom for a family would meet with the family members to determine their habits and to examine the current lighting, colors, and spatial relationships.

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