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The Better Business Company

We make possible for you to build a better business by services and products, which you can afford.

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Barcato is platform economy pioneer,  which reformes practices in own ecosystem. ​​​​​​​Members combined turnover of international players exceeds 100 Meur within 5 years. Barcato is a platform of more than 500 players operating on all continents.

The company's strategy is based on this vision. In all of Barcato's operations, pioneering is manifested in the fact that Barcato is constantly striving to innovate service products and projects that meet the needs of end users and suppliers.

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Our values

Barcato's core values are expertise, innovativity, and open networking.

The values support the company's strategy and help achieve the goals set in the strategy. In recent years, Barcato has invested heavily in staff development and skills, and emphasized open cooperation with various networks in the company's business.

Open co-operation has been reflected in the continuous streamlining and development of operations.

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We are

Barcato is a marketing and sales company for “hungry for success” entrepreneurs. Precise, purposeful and clear. Cost-effective.

B2B Solution Provider company offering innovative solutions to a rapidly changing marketplace.

Cutting unnecessary links out of the supply chains with new, innovative and global services aimed at both end users of products  and manufacturers or/and suppliers without any other mediators.

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Business idea

To maintain an electronic marketplace where the parties meet  and trade with each other.

To sell sell own products and services on same marketplace.

To maintain and manage user interfaces and marketplace.

To maintain and develop partnerships with different parties, who can benefit from the service

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Web + Net Strategy - ​​​​​​​The starting point is to meet the needs of  entrepreneurs.

Barcato is living and  growing by combining web solutions, personal networks and the needs of customers. 

Not everyone is online just yet. Personal service, as well as open networking, are therefore an increasingly essential part of Barcato's strategy and way of operating, and often also financially viable.​

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Future scenes

Barcato growth idea:

- Multiplying our experience/expertise based, productised services to worldwide locations.

- The mix of partnership-networking model

- Concentration first to Scandinavia and Baltic, without forgetting satellite units, which are growing up over internet everywhere.

- Investing more in Service Center.

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